How to Fix Rebooting Recovery on Verizon Note 3

The other day, I was upgrading my Verizon Note 3 to the latest Biggins ROM and tried rebooting into SafeStrap Recovery using SafeStrap app.

Well, the worst thing I imagined happened, my phone kept trying to reboot into stock recovery over and over again until the battery on my phone drained.

I should have updated my SafeStrap app before trying to use it to reboot but that was the error I think I made.  Anyways, you can easily fix this error by flashing NC4 firmware.  This NC4 firmware is ONLY for those of you with on older Verizon Note 3 not for those of you who bought your Verizon Note 3 with NC4 firmware or used OTA to upgrade to NC4.  The good thing with this version of NC4 firmware is that you will be able to also downgrade back to Jelly Bean MJE.


Download ODIN

Download NC4 Firmware

To install, simply reboot into Download Mode (Power off then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons), then set PDA to the NC4 firmware. (Make sure to unzip the NC4 firmware zip file first!!!)

After doing this, my phone booted back up correctly and I was able to use my phone again and then upgrade my Biggins ROM.

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  1. JC15 says:

    I rooted my device but kept my stock ROM running and now I want to return it completely back to stock. I Uninstalled safestrap and did the uproot with supersu but my phone still boots with the custom unlock on the booting screen. How do I return this phone completely back to stock?

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