How to Install Custom ROMs on Verizon Note 3 NC4!

Just a quick update for those of you having trouble installing custom ROMs on Verizon Note 3 with Android 4.4.2 NC4 firmwware (check the last 3 letters under Settings->About Phone in Build Number).

First, you must use the latest version of Safestrap Recovery.

If you have been experiencing bootloops while installing ROMs, that’s because you need to flash the NC2 kernel before installing ROMs.

So, just use ODIN and install NC2 kernel if you have Note 3 with NC4 Build number.  You only have to do this once.  After that you should be able to install Verizon custom ROMs just fine.  This ONLY before installing a custom ROM, it will NOT WORK with your stock firmware.  So only install before installing a new custom ROM!!!


Download NC2 Kernel for Verizon Note 3

Use ODIN to flash this and use “PDA” slot.

Credits – Hashcode @XDA


Q: I am in a bootloop and running stock NC4 firmware.
A: Sorry, this kernel is only for installing a new custom ROM, please install NC4 kernel back to get out of bootloop.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hay Max,
    Appreciate all your work. Been following you since I had my Evo. I have a ? about the nc2 tar file. It states its not valid when i try to dl it in Odin. Any ideas how to get it working ? I have Nc4 with the kk Safe strap busy box and towel root and I want to get back to Hyperdrive rom . Think you can point me in the right direction?? I thank you for your help.

  2. Mike says:

    I am looking to get on the sl8 kk Hyperdrive rom.

  3. walt says:

    A video tutorial would be much appreciated!! 🙂

  4. dgriffin says:

    odin says added!!
    enter cs for md5
    check not uplug the cable..
    please wait..
    nc2kernal.tar.md5 is valid
    checking md5 finished successfully..
    leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    file analysis..
    Setup Connection..

    and then it just sits there and does nothing. Am i missing something by chance?

  5. dgriffin says:

    any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. dgriffin says:

    it still just says setup connection….
    i tried a different cable and usb port. how long does the process usually take to complete?

    • Max Lee says:

      You need to try different USB cable/port, don’t use a USB port hub. If you still have trouble, try using another computer.

      • Stealth says:

        I dont know if you have given this post much of a lookover in recent time but there seems to be a compatibility issue with the nc2 kernel and the stock firmware. If you scroll to the bottom you will see a few people having problems after flashing and getting stuck at the verizon boot logo screen. The phone will just hang there until the battery is removed. I was able to install hyperdrive and work around this but I still cannot boot into stock.

        Do you know of a fix for this? Also if not maybe you could edit the post and add something about NC2 Kernel not being compatible with stock so people dont freak out haha. Anyhow thanks for all your hard work putting all this great information on the net. I always come to your site when I need catching up on root methods and new devices. Take care

    • Michael Fouts says:

      did you put your phone in download mode?
      from completely off, hold volume down + home + power
      should get a prompt vol+ to continue vol- to cancel
      vol+ to enter download mode, then proceed with Odin

  7. Dan says:

    When I complete these steps, my phone hangs on the red Verizon logo. Anyone have any suggestions?

  8. CaveDroid says:

    ok Stuck at Verizon loading screen. Can you please provide the NC4 file so i can flash it back and have a working phone again.

    • Stealth says:

      Also hung on the verizon boot logo. Havent tried to recover yet. However I used odin for kernel flash after having already rooted, SU, and safestrap. Could that effect my success in flashing? The order in which I took these steps? ANyhow any help would be greatly appreciated. I know I did this at my own risk and I can own it if my phone is bricked however I REALLY hope not haha just got this thing 3 days ago. THanks folks

      • Stealth says:

        Also just a heads up I removed the battery and rebooted normaly without luck. I will try to reflash the kernel without usb 3.0 and see if it makes a difference. (usb 2.0 cable)

    • stealth says:

      ok so I put it back into safestrap after doing a clean install of the kernel and while I wasn’t able to boot into the stock rom I was able to install hyperdrive ROM so my phone is up and running again but still cannot boot into stock rom . I’m just making a guess but I think that the stock 4.4.2 fw isn’t compatible with the kernel? Anyhow I hope that you can get your phone running again. Cheers

  9. Chris H says:

    I am having the same problem as everyone else. Just STUCK on the Verizon screen. Thanks for all of your help. I’m sure that I’m just using the wrong cord like the other thousand people that you sent down this direction. The least you could do is read the comments left here instead of just repeating the same thing over and over. I assure you, we’re all not just using the wrong cord.

  10. Chris H says:

    Now I’m not saying that I appreciate everything you do here because I definitely do but it really just seems that you’re passing the buck on this one.

  11. CaveDroid says:

    for all those that can not get passed the Verizon screen its because the kernal is not compatable with stock 4.4.2 rom you must either flash a new rom at your own risk or flash back the NC4 Kernel that can be found here <a href=";

    Good luck to all. They should have updated this post.

  12. peter says:

    First of all thanks Max for the website. You make us all feel like brothers when it comes to help us get the
    most of our devices.

    I got a verizon note 3 with the newly updated NC4.
    I got the hyperdrive rom and flashed it via safestrap. It went to bootloop like everyone’s commenting here.
    Then I spent the next 2hrs trying to flash the NC2 file with no avail.


    1 Made a backup of the original Rom, then wiped it and then intstalled Hyperdrive in it’s place.
    2 I let it boot normally but it went straight to bootloop.
    3 put the note 3 in recovery mode and flashed the NC2 file. It automatically reboots and then Hyperdrive worked.

    VOILA!!! This trick worked for me.

    Ps: As weird as it seems, my note still says that I’m running the NC4 model. But it works.

    so damn glad to have native thether back and debloat my Note.

    Thank you guys.

  13. David says:

    Hey Max,

    Thanks to you for the guide it helped my a lot. I installed hyperdrive following your guide, but also wanted to try beans build 16. When the rom says successful and reboots it just goes black and never boots up. What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be helpful.

  14. David says:

    Hey Max,

    Thanks to you for the guide it helped me a lot. I installed hyperdrive following your guide, but also wanted to try beans build 16. When the rom says successful and reboots it just goes black and never boots up. What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be helpful.

  15. Takeni Torres says:

    Okay I’m extremely new to the whole rooting and flashing of roms. I came from jailbreaking iPhone so when I got my Note 3 I was hesitant about custom roms but after stumbling upon this website and Max’s youtube videos I kinda got the idea of it. Still a bit lost but still got a grip on some things. So thanks Max.

    Anyway reason being why I’m commenting on this is because I got this to somehow work without flashing the stock rom.. maybe i’m just saying something obvious but whatever. I was in a boot loop when i was trying to use the hyperdrive rom but this is how I got it to work.

    Got safestrap blah blah. Booted into recover mode and then flashed the hyperdrive rom folowing Max’s video on how to install a custom rom with safestrap. Afterwards I went to download and hooked up my phone to the laptop. Opened up Odin clicked on the check mark next to PDA then clicked on PDA then found the nc2 file and then clicked start and then let odin do its thing and then boom it booted..

    Hopefully I don’t sound to ignorant and hopefully this helped some people

  16. Lee D. says:

    Excellent! I was about to give up and uninstall Safestrap, but using Odin to influence the kernel was the perfect solution.

    Thank you,

    Lee D.

  17. Don says:

    i have tried and tried flashing the NC2 kernel to get out of bootloop with no luck. no I cant get in to safestrap either. I can get in to download mode and flash anything that odin will flash. I have tried these files so far with no luck:


    I even tried the NC2 & NC4 modems. it still goes in to a bootloop 2 or 3 times and then goes to a manual system recovery. it says the following at the upper left corner:

    Android system recovery

    Volume up/down to move highlight;
    power button to select.

    reboot system now
    apply update from ADB
    apply update from external storage
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cache

    I have tried flashing the NC2 & NC4 kernel in this manual mode as well and tried reflashing hyperdrive in this manual mode with no luck. anyone have any ideas as to what im doing wrong.

  18. Beto says:

    Hello Max i need your help ASAP! I rooted my note 3 verizon whit towelroot, after that, i have no usb detection in notification bar also computer says unknow device, camera stop working too it wont start, when jump into download mode, isn’t detected by computer i have the latest drivers from samsung need help asap! Want to try different rom because oficial 4.4.2 has signal issues tried whit various sim already and i get lost signal often…

  19. steve h says:

    checkout my NC4 ROOTED Note 3 sale on ebay: 172149023223

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