HyperDrive ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 3! [Best ROM]


It’s been quite awhile since the last time we looked at HyperDrive ROM.  I didn’t expect much to change since then but wow, HyperDrive ROM has to be the best TouchWiz custom ROM “right now” for the Verizon Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900V.

First thing I noticed with HyperDrive ROM is its blazing speed (even with all of my apps loaded as Verizon Note 3 is my daily driver) along with its abundance of endless features it provides on top of UI customization.

With the latest HyperDrive ROM, you will be able to “re-experience” TouchWiz, it’s like 2 times faster with many more options.  There’s a ton to cover here but let me just point out some of the highlights of features I really liked.

HyperDriveTweaks app, which the ROM comes with, is the core of the ROM that allows you to tweak everything from your TouchWiz launcher (wallpaper scrolling, infinite scroll, change Swipe-up target from My Magazine to Google Now, disable double home press, enable auto call recording, customize Power Menu, and more), tweak your status bar (even change colors), enable softkeys, customize battery icon, choose from multiple lockscreens, and lots more.  There’s even some advanced settings for those of you who want to tweak the performance of the phone further.

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  1. Jorelle says:

    Funny enough I flashed this rom a day before your review went up.

    I am a huge fan of stock android, coming from many Nexus devices previously but I’ve been missing some TouchWiz features from ROMs like Carbon and Cyanogen. Hyper drive really is a reexperience of TouchWiz with all the tweaks that make it a great phone. It’s got enough customize ability for me to make my phone the way I want, while offering the Note phone features that were designed for it and expanding the support (multiwindow). Everything is super smooth and fast, something that my other ROMs struggled with from time to time. Give this one a shot!

  2. Wilson says:

    The download link for this rom does not work.

  3. mazen says:

    i have a question in the hyperdrive mods screen in lockscreen tab i dont have aosp option nor the lockscreen torch ..am i missing something ?

  4. Chris says:

    I rooted with towel, everything went great. I downloaded safe strap, everything went great, I downloaded Hyper everything went great. I rebooted into strap mode fine, I backed up my system, everything went fine but this is where things went bad. I installed Hyper and it showed it went through but when I tried to reboot the strap screen comes up and allows me to choose continue but nothing happens – the screen goes black and does not ever come back on. I have went back in and tried it over, I even downloaded Hyper drive again and re-installed and same thing. Now I can’t find my backup file either to return to factory.

    any advice

    • Max Lee says:

      Make sure you watch any errors you get when installing the ROM. Try reinstalling the ROM and let me know if you get any mount errors or anything like that.

    • Max Lee says:

      Also, which version of Android did you have before using Towelroot, if you had Android 4.3 or less, that could be why as newer 4.4.2 roms require the latest bootloader, that’s my guess.

  5. Steven says:


    I had the same problem as Chris. After attempting to install Gapps it said system could not be mounted.

    • Chris says:

      Read my reply – is yours doing the same thing with the black screen and Mount Error.

      I really need Max to come through; I don’t trust anyone else’s instructions

  6. Chris says:

    Max, I was running Kit Kat for sure and during flash you see the lines

    It will boot up to the Safe strap guy and above shows it’s ENABLED – If you hit continue or just not touch it – screen goes black and never turns off or on – have to pull the battery

    I can get back into SAFE STRAP BOOT logs and all – just want boot up

    I have followed you way back with the Original Note with many different ROMS installed multiple times on my Note 2 as well so am not a real newbie and normally I double check everything – I must have dropped the ball here I suppose..lol

    • Steven says:


      Same exact problem you are having. Black screen and had to pull the battery and boot the stock rom.

  7. David says:

    I followed the instructions to install the HyperDrive ROM however, when phone rebooted, it sat on the black screen for > 15 minutes. Pulled the battery, and it went into recovery… Says no OS installed. Tried restoring from backup, and even formatting data and everything. Says “Unable to mount /system”

    • Chris says:

      You can just send it back to Verizon or AT&T….No way to fix it !

      I actually got my replacement and tried out again with same results. I have followed Max since my original Note but they were all on AT&T, now that I have Verizon I have had nothing but hell.

      • David says:

        Ok, thanks for the info Chris.

        Before I posted on here, I saw that the System partition was 0 MB. Tried using ODIN to repartition, but that failed too. Gonna go ty to do a warranty claim today after work.

  8. Jesse says:

    I have a Verizon 4.4.2 build NC4 Note 3. I did the NC2 flash, safestrap, titanium backup, all that. Everything is installed and working, but Hyperdrive is running very strange. The CPU is constantly under very heavy use, using lots of battery. It seems fast navigating about the screens, but when I go into an app, its sluggish at best, and crashes at worst. Even the Hyperdrive apps themselves are having these issues. Did I make the partition too small? Should I reinstall the ROM?

    Any help for this issue?

  9. abd says:

    how i can add arabic language to my note 3 verizon because he don’t have arabic language … plz help me >>

  10. jaime alvarez says:

    Does anyone know how to change the pull up app from home screen?

  11. dawood says:

    I want to install Arabic language in my note 3 N900v.
    how I can install it plez help me .
    thanx . . .

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