Jasmine ROM v.2.4.4 for Verizon Note 3!


For this week’s Verizon Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the week, check out the latest Jasmine ROM by XDA user Hsbadr.  The last time we checked it out it was a really cool ROM but I did encounter some battery problems as it was draining battery much faster than normal.

Well, that issue has been fixed in the latest build and this is probably the best ROM to flash if you want to get S5 features like Download Booster and Ultra Power Saving mode.  Of course, Verizon should be updating to Lollipop anytime soon but while you wait, you can enjoy the newer Sammy features by flashing the Jasmine ROM.

Although no overclocking available thanks to locked bootloaders on the Verizon Note 3, Jasmine ROM also comes with optimized performance, meaning you get a super-fast, lagfree TouchWiz launcher along with excellent overall performance.  And like I said, battery life is now very good so you will get the same or better life than stock firmware.  I got over 41,000 on Antutu, that’s a whopping 5000-6000 more points than on a Note 3 stock firmware.

Other notable features include native call recording,unlocked WiFi hotspot, Android 5.0 Lollipop keyboard, Xposed installer & modules, and some more.  My favorite feature is the quad multi-window, you can easily multi-task to the fullest on this ROM.

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  1. Dev says:

    Hi Max
    I like you videos I m a fan. I have At&t note 3 with NC2 .
    Just got one question will the New Jasmin Rom 4.4 works with at&t or is it just verizon.

  2. frankzero says:

    hi max!
    thanks for the review
    I’m using the note 3 out of united states, and everything works fine, except for the tle, ultra power saving mode and emergency mode, work well, super fast, AnTuTu 40.000 to 42.000 but considering that I have many apps

    I’m very happy using this rom

    see you.

  3. Chris says:

    Hi Max
    What is the largest capacity micro usb card available?
    Are there dual adapters out there? what can I do to increase my memory capacity?

  4. Happy Camper says:

    Finally got it working on my SM-N900V running stock ROM N900VVRUCNC4

    First of all THANKS to all the help online.

    I’d like to record my experience and suggestions here in the hopes they will help:

    1) It is not an “easy” process for a first timer. You have to have faith and patience. Keep trying.

    2) I really wish the blogs would have clear timestamps on the posts. There is a lot of outdated information out there. Be sure to determine the date of the information you are reading.

    3) Be sure to backup your ROM (or download a stock ROM like I did) and know how to do a full recover using Odin. This is your failsafe in case you get soft bricked. You MUST recover with the SAME ROM version, so do have it handy before messing with the phone.

    4) In the end the process worked for me smoothly by installing the stock ROM I downloaded (after I ran into problems and soft bricked the phone), and then loading SafeStrap and then Jasmine.

    5) In spite of wiping everything, and loading a new stock ROM, most of my data and settings remained. My WhatsApp folder was still there. My apps also remained. Yay.

    Good Luck!

    • Happy Camper says:

      One problem I’m having is that the international prefix “+” is being prepended to all my incoming calls. This means that 412-555-1212 shows as +4125551212 in my log… so it does not match my contact and worse, when I do a redial from the log my carrier thinks I’m making a call to international code +41 !!!!

      I’m not the only one having this issue. Seems others who are using AT&T rather than Verizon are suffering.

      I’ve hunted and hunted for a solution or reasonable workaround to no avail. I’m not sure what Verizon was thinking or how this “feature” could EVER be useful. Is it possible to fix this in the ROM? Any other way to fix this?

      Thanks for all your efforts!

  5. Reggie says:

    So this is only for 4.4.2? I have 4.4.4 on my Verizon SM-900V with NK1. Of the few things I need in life, ROOT is one of them! Any love and luck for us on kitkat? I have scoured the forums and see it’s possible if I can attain root but SafeStrap won’t work unless I can go 4.4.2. But the blacklist won’t allow me to downgrade. Advice?

  6. Vijay Ram says:

    Hello member i am currently on nc4 firmware i trying to install jasmine rom but set_perm error please share your idea for solve this problem

  7. Noufal says:

    The link of downlosd does not work

  8. Noufal says:

    i coud not download this amazing rom i faced a prob with the download link Anybody helps?

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